10 Sure Ways To Speed-Up Your PC

1. Update Windows - Make sure that your Windows Update utility is automatically enabled so that it will automatically download the recommended updates for the computer and installed them.Updating windows regularly can help protect computer from the latest viruses and other security threats that makes it slowdown.

2. Remove Obsolete And Unwanted Programs - Unnecessary programs installed on a computer still utilize memory and disk space of the computer that eventually affects its performance, so better eliminate it. CCleaner is one of the best suggested program to do the uninstalling. It can uninstall one, two or more programs at the same time unlike with the conventional Windows Add/Remove Program Utility in which performs only one at a time.

3. Stop Unwanted Services And Background Programs - Unknowingly lot of unseen programs and services still running invisibly though you needed them no more, thus slowing down the computer.To get rid of it, first you have to identify them then go to System Configuration Utility under the Service tab or run "services.msc" and disable the selected services and Windows Task Manager under the Processes tab then select them to end the background programs and other services temporarily until restarted.

4. Delete Unwanted And Duplicate Files - Removing unnecessary and duplicated files in your My Documents, Download Folders and other potential folders will somehow lessen the burden of the computer. Actually, it also benefits the user as he or she could easily search for the important files. You may delete unwanted files manually, however, when deleting duplicate files please do use duplicate cleaner applications for convenience. Don't worry there are lot of free duplicate cleaner programs available to download online.

5. Update Drivers And Firmwares - Regularly updating drivers of your computer will make it smoother and faster. One of the important drives that you need to update is video graphic. You can use Filehippo Updater for auto checking and updating. You can download it for free.

6. Clean Registry, History And Temporary Files - Again, you can use CCleaner to perform the cleaning of erroneous registry as well as removing temporary files that eventually affects the performance of the computer. You may do this process regularly most specially if you usually installing and uninstalling various software and doing countless task on it.

7. Scan and Remove Viruses - Unknowingly, your computer may be infected by malicious software or viruses that are so harmful in computer's system. Therefore, it requires regular scanning of the entire system in order to detect and remove it. There were lot of antivirus available online. You can use the free version of it, but it doesn't give you assurance that it detects all of it. Much better if you purchase premium one. Don't forget to update it regularly for protection against new threats online.

8. Perform Disk Defragmenting - In doing this process, your computing experience may be very smooth and even very faster than usual because it arranges fragmented data into its proper location that make you access it quick.

9. Upgrade Memory - If you do multi-tasking in your computer like doing PhotoShop, Word Processing and browsing Internet. It is better that you upgrade your memory module for favorable performance because if not you will experience lag and slowdown of your computer. Don't try changing memory module on your own most especially if you're not a techy person. For safety please do contact your nearest computer service provider to do the task.

10.Perform Checkdisk For Errors - Lastly, checking disk for errors may help in getting rid the slowing down of your computer. In some cases, computer do slow down because the disk itself is damage or should I say has a defect.

Scanner and Mouse All-in-one

This innovative product of I.R.I.S is called IRIScan Mouse. It is a scanner and mouse in one single device. It can scan any documents up to A3. It works only in Windows operating system. Here is the demo video...

Basic Specifications

Scanner specifications
-Technology: Slam Scan
- Mouse sensor: Laser sensor (1200 dpi) 
- Scan resolution: Up to 400 dpi 
- USB: 2.0
- Coverage area: Up to A3
- Export applications: Microsoft® Office, Adobe® Photoshop®
- Save formats (applications): PDF / JPG / TIFF / BMP / PNG / XLS / DOC
- Buttons 3 buttons (right-click, left-click, wheel-click) / 1wheel / 1scan button
Minimum computer requirements
- Intel® Core™ Duo 1.2GHz or AMD Athlon™ 64 x 2, 1.7GHz
- Microsoft® Windows® 8, 7, Vista® or XP
- 1GB RAM recommended
- At least 1GB of available hard disk space
- Graphic card: 128 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8400 GS or 128 MB ATI Radeon™ X1300 or 384 MB (shared) Intel® GMA X3000 or better
- USB port 2.0
- CD-Rom drive
Box content
- IRIScan™ Mouse scanner
- Mouse transport bag
- Cleaning swab
- Software suite on CD-ROM
- Quick user guide
- IRISCompressor™ card
- Discount voucher for next purchase

Locally, you can buy it here. And for more information you can visit here

Canva: The New Online Photoshop

Canva beta is now online! The new graphic designing for non-designers.It's kind a Photoshop and MS Publisher together in one website, free, interactive and useful. 

You can create graphic designs with ease. There were already pre-sized designs like card, social media, presentation, poster, blog graphic, Facebook cover, document photo collage, business card, invitation, and you can even create custom sized designs.

Another feature that really wows is the interactive functionality of this website because from the chosen design you can simply change background and edit text with their plentiful stocked of high quality designed graphics and arts, free and premium, and you can even upload own images.

In fact, saving and sharing own designs made easy. You can simply click the Twitter or Facebook button to share or click the link/publish button if you want to get custom link for your design or a copy of designs in PNG or PDF format for easy printing.

Look at the samples below:

Start you own design here.

Free Internet Cafe Timer

Yes, you read it right cafe owners! This article will share you the top free cyber cafe management software available in the world-wide-web  that can completely handle your internet cafe like that of a premium one. 

Like you I'm also a cafe owner who's looking for cyber cafe management solution without spending any dime in my wallet. That is why I stumble online for search of free cafe timer that fits my shop's need. And positively I've found not just one, two or three but more that just I was expecting. But I will just share to you those cafe timer that tops and feature rich.

The following are the top free cyber cafe management software, its links and descriptions:
iCafe Manager - India's leading free cyber cafe software. Professionally designed and easy to use complete cyber cafe management software. It's used in 20,000 cyber cafes in over 450 cities; available in six different languages; and free email support.

HandyCafe - The most popular and free internet cafe software including wifi hotspot, monitoring, membership accounting, content filtering and more. Available in more than 180 countries and have been used by 85,000 plus internet cafes.

CyberCafePro - A free cyber cafe and internet cafe management software. No trials, no ads. Used in over 200 countries and trusted by thousands of internet cafe, cyber cafe, and gaming centers. 

PayMyCafe - Free internet cafe management system in the Philippines. The software is feature rich such as remote control, Multiple server support, software updates, and more.

CCautosoft - Free and best internet cafe software. It has many functions and utilities, which are essentials for a cyber cafe. Functions to lock, unlock, restart and shutdown remote computer terminal make controlling a cyber cafe easier.

Anahaw Internet Cafe Timer - A free internet cafe administration program. Basic function include client shutdown, log off, restart and monitoring. It can handle up to 16 workstation.

I hope you like my post guys. Please don't forget to leave any comment or reaction below. 

SMM Philippines Offers New Opportunities for Internet Cafe Owners

This coming December 14, 2013, SMM Philippines will be holding a seminar at Crown Plaza Hotel Ortigas as they introduce their new system in gaming and other exciting opportunities for cafe owners. Please take a look at the image below for more details:

See you there!!!

How To Block Annoying Ads On Websites And Much More

 To block annoying ads from various websites, you can use the browser extension called Adblock Plus. This particular browser extension effectively stops possible Malware intrusion, unwanted advertisements, sharing buttons, and much more. And it works well both in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Take a look of the image above, obviously the site is filled with annoying advertisements top and bottom. And the most disturbing one is the popup ads that simply blocked the video which you're watching or article you're reading. This browser isn't equipped with Adblock Plus.

Now, please take a look of the image above, obviously the website was so clean and no signs of unwanted advertisements and the likes. It's convenient and the web contents are very much accessible. This time the browser is equipped with Adblock Plus.

Here's how to download and install Adblock Plus in Google Chrome:
1. Go to Chrome Web Store
2. Search  for Adblock Plus
3. Go and select Extension tab
4. Click +Add to Chrome
5. A confirmation window will appear then click Add
6. Another tab will appear saying that the extension is installed then you may turn on the three additional blocking features: Malware Blocking, Remove Social Media Buttons, and Disable Tracking.
7. Done

Please don't forget to refresh the current window to take effect Adblock Plus or restart Google Chrome browser.

Here's how to download and install Adblock Plus in Mozilla Firefox:
1. Go to Tools and select Add-Ons or Ctrl+Shift+A
2. Search for Adblock Plus
3. Then click Install button on the right side
4. Another tab will appear saying that the extension is installed then you may turn on the three additional blocking features: Malware Blocking, Remove Social Media Buttons, and Disable Tracking.
7. Done

Again, don't forget to refresh the current window to take effect Adblock Plus or restart Mozilla Firefox browser.

You may notice that the browser is equipped with Adblock Plus extension if the octagon shape with ABP sign is visible in the upper right corner for Google Chrome and lower left bottom for Mozilla Firefox. And be aware that there were too many alike browser extensions in which you can download and use but do not work well as the Adblock Plus.



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