How To Transfer Cash To Anyone Thru BPI Internet Mobile Banking

This blog aim to inform and teach people on how to transfer Cash to anyone "BPI-to-BPI" using the BPI Internet Mobile Banking services. Unlike the conventional way, this process will not require you to visit any BPI branch to deposit the desired money for account other than yours for purposes of payment like loading LoadCentral and such like. I will be using LoadCentral as my subject throughout this blog.

First requirement, you must have a fully activated and verified BPI android application. The special services feature must also be activated thru an ATM machine in order to access the "Transfer To Anyone" feature. By the way you can download the application in Google Play App Store for free. Install it and thoroughly follow the step-by-step process required to complete the installation, and smoothly used the services.

Now, we have to proceed to the actual process of transferring cash to anyone with BPI Accounts. Here it's:

1.) Open the BPI App and simply input the required User ID and Password. As the account open the current balance will show.

2.) Go to main menu and select Financial Transaction.

3.) Then choose Transfer to Anyone.

4.) In this step, you are being ask to input the detail of the receiver, account number and amount to send.
As you press the OK button a confirmation will pop-up.

5.) Then finally you will received a notification stating the confirmation detail of the transfer.

Note: Don't forget to write down the confirmation because you can't view it again or take a screenshot of it. And don't forget to close your account for security reason.



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